Rebecca Shepherd 
Paintings and Sculpture
My name is Rebecca Shepherd.
     I am an artist working in Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada.  

     I work in several mediums and particularly enjoy sculpting in clay and painting with acrylics.

     The subjects of most of my paintings at this time are animals. When I paint I enjoy a loose style with lots of paint creating textural drama and rich luscious colours. Often I pay particular detail to eyes and noses with an intention of enabling the viewer to connect with the subject.

     With clay sculpture, again my frequent subjects are animals, I like to over emphasize certain features and manipulate their forms to a small degree in order to give them human like emotions. The degree to which I change them is somewhat of a juggle; as to go too far reduces them to cartoon like creations, and that is not my intent.

     The process of creating for me needs to be exciting and non restrictive. If I know exactly where I am going with a piece my enjoyment, and I believe my abilities diminish. When I approach a new painting or sculpture I will have guidelines but no hard and set rules. This way I am free to take and use the inevitable magical possibilities that turn up enroute. I feel this creative method will ensure that I will consistently grow and change creatively.